Most persons know best their own problems. A few solutions appear even obvious. But despite all efforts, some problems just don’t go away. It seems the time is frozen.

The role of a coach is to re-frame what a client already knows but might consider irrelevant, so that a fresh view of the present situation comes forth and more subtle solutions emerge. During the whole process the coach focusses on what lies under the surface of mere facts and statements. In coalition with the coach the client defrosts his or her initial situation and sets free his or her own energy to change.

Executive coaching is meant here to address any professional problem irrespective of the stage in the client’s work life.

The work problem declared by the client at the beginning is not always his or her central problem. Often the central problem has to do with being authentic. The client’s intelligence helps him or her to think faster but not necessarily to stay focussed on his or her core self. Here the presence of the coach becomes necessary. As the client addresses his or her own actual intimate problem, the work problem dissolves itself seemingly out of its own accord. The client remains with a higher degree of wisdom about his or her genuine self and with a higher capacity to solve his or her own future work problems.